The Gentleman  60 acres.

Its a quick hike to a hidden paradise right off this main road and improved camp site. A  famous gulch awaits over looked riches. Purchase this claim now 399/mo. Zero interest!

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60 acre claim group.

The Blue Sapphire

The  blue Sapphire is 20 acres of blue and purple corundum and gold. This gem of a claim is located close to a world class hot springs! Located on the claim is a small creek that runs years round.  This claim has great access and roadside camping. Purchase this claim now 299/mo. Zero interest!


Not only does Gold Lake 4 have great gold but it also had trails for ATV's! If you are an avid trail rider this is the claim for you. This claim is a miner, camper, rider, and gem hunters paradise. Purchase this claim now 299/mo. Zero interest!

Gold Lake #4

This is a great 40 acre claim group get two claims for the price of one. Gold  Lake #3  borders  Gold Lake #4 Purchase this claim group now 299/mo. Zero interest!

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